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Stun Guns

Powerful, dependable, compact and affordable, these Stun Guns are true to the UZI name. Easy and safe to use, UZI Stun Guns immobilizes and neutralizes any potential threats without causing any permanent damage. Just touch the attacker with the stun stick and it will deliver a high voltage shock that will incapacitate him and ensure your safety.

The UZI Stun Guns come in many styles ranging from a compact micro Stun Pen to a 15 inch Stun Baton. The voltage it delivers also differs from model to model, which ranges from 100,000 volts to 2 million volts. These Stun Guns are extremely portable and are powered by external batteries or an inbuilt rechargeable battery. Certain models of UZI Stun Guns also come with extra features such as LED light, siren or red warning light. The UZI Stun Guns retails under $70 dollars and is a must-have gear when you leave home.