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A critical piece of equipment for any situation, UZI Tactical Flashlights are high output, durable and multi-functional flashlights that ranges from $29.95 to $170l. These flashlights provide the same output as flashlights 5 times the prices, and are as durable as any flashlight out there.

All of our UZI Tactical Flashlights are made out of anodized space grade aluminum and have adjustable light levels. They come in variety of sizes, ranging from a compact LED flashlights to a powerful adjustable headlamp. And, according to the model and style, the UZI Tactical Flashlight emits visible light in the range of 110 to 1200 Lumens. Certain models also come with extra combination of features, including water resistance, shatter resistance, and SOS function. These flashlights offer an incredible value, excellent design and heavy duty durability and are perfect choice for any task in any environment.