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 You can learn more about UZI firearms by visiting Israel Weapons Industries (IWI).

Small UZI

The UZI SMG (Sub Machine Gun) is the original and senior member of the UZI family. This revolutionary sub machine gun was the first to introduce design features that later found their way into many other guns. The UZI's angular body is made from pressed steel parts. The UZI uses a unique blowback mechanism with a bolt that wraps around the end of the barrel. Empty cases are ejected through slots in the body. This unique design is the key to achieving a combination of firepower and compact dimensions.


Mini UZI

A welcome addition to the UZI family, the Mini UZI was introduced in the 1980s with the aim of providing a smaller and easy to operate version of the SMG. The dimensions were reduced while an improved folding stock and sights were added to the design. The result was an exceptionally balanced package and an instant hit straight upon launch.


Micro UZI

UZI MicroIn the 1990s a newer and smaller member to the family was introduced. The Micro UZI was designed to maintain strong automatic fire power achieved with handgun dimensions. The Micro UZI was also designed to assume the role of Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) in various combat units.


UZI Pistol

The latest addition to the UZI family is actually a semi-automatic version of the Micro UZI which does without a folding stock. Its features make it a favorite of law enforcement and security services.


Mini Uzi
Micro Uzi
Uzi Pistol
Ammunition caliber
Mode of firing
Automatic, Semi-automatic
Magazine capacity
20, 25, 32
4 grooves, 1 turn in 254 mm
Twist 1 turn in: (mm)
Muzzle velocity (m/sec)
Rate of fire (rd./min.)
W/o magazine
Empty magazine 25 rd.
Loaded magazine 25 rd.
Overall length
With stock folded
Barrel length
Aperture "L" flip type
Sightline radius (mm)